Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

Lump in neck, Is Cancer?

The Ballad Of The Bad Angel - Ever felt a small lump in the neck? Anxiety most often appears on parents at a time when finding a lump to approximately the neck, behind the head or under his chin. Actually, the lump is it? The most palpable lumps distinguished by the elderly person is a lymph node (KGB). Lymph nodes spread in the body and is the sector of the defense system of our body. When germs enter and infect a region in the body, so that the surrounding lymph nodes will swell. Lymph nodes are often palpable that the KGB over the neck and back of the head.

KGB neck will swell when the neck or back of the head inflammation (inflammation) both because of allergies, viral infections, bacterial infections, cancer, or other subject matter. This aspect is explained why the parent is not uncommon to find lumps on the neck of a child who is palpable enlarged when the child is experiencing sore throats, canker sores on the mouth area, allergy, and inflammation of the others. Another factor that also causes enlargement of lymph nodes include tuberculosis infections, toothaches, teething, Rubella infection, mumps, and other inflammations which took place at approximately the mouth and neck.

What a treat to the way that the enlarged lymph nodes? First of all consult with your doctor determines the child make a lump in the neck area actually KGB crescent or of other organs. If it was enlarged lymph nodes, the doctor will look for basic causes of enlarged neck lymph nodes. If the cause is really inflammation, so that the child can be given a drug For inflammation that goes and bumps can be gradually reduced. The lump disappeared uncertain until intangible, may be just smaller but consistently palpable. Approximately 40% of children have the KGB in the neck area that is able to be touched under normal conditions. Therefore, elderly people do not need to get nervous when you find a lump on the neck or behind the child's head any longer if the child is experiencing inflammation or pain.